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San Francisco Bay Area TRIO has been proud to be the fiscal sponsor of the 2012 Team NorCal at the Transplant Games of America.  We congratulate all of the participants.  They all were winners!

For information on the 2014 Transplant Games, click HERE.   

A Donate Life Organization

TRIO Bay Area's Mission

  • Promote Awareness of organ and tissue donation as an important social responsibility. Develop and support mechanisms to improve the availability of organs and tissue on an equitable basis to meet the needs of transplant recipients.
  • Provide Support to transplant candidates, recipients, and their families to help alleviate the stress and problems associated with the transplant process.
  • Promote Education of transplant candidates, recipients, their families, and donors families as well as provide current information on developments in organ and tissue donation, transplantation, medications, social issues, and finances. Inform transplant candiates, recipients, and their families, and donor families on initiatives in the transplantation field by federal, state, and local governmental bodies.
  • Provide Advocacy for the concerns and needs that affect the welfare of transplant candidates, recipients, and their families and donor families and make those needs known to federal, state and local governmental bodies. Effectively communicate the views of transplant candidates, recipients and their families, and donor families on issues in the field of transplantation and organ and tissue donation to the general public.



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    Starting in January 2015, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is changing its Medicare regulations, removing "protected status" from the immunesuppressant class of Medicare Part D drug formulary that are the lifeline for transplant recipients. This means that insurance companies could take those drugs off their prescription coverage since their inclusion would no longer be required by CMS. This policy change is open for public comment until March 7th
    Go to www.regulations.gov  to comment on CMS-2014-0007-0002 

    In tribute to Steve Hummer (Oct 14, 1948 - June 14, 2013) for his contribution
    as webmaster of TRIO. 


    (click on photo for link to Steve's obituary- San Jose Mercury News) 

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